Arctic Freezer 12 Processor-Køler
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ARCTIC Freezer 12 Processor-køler

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ARCTIC Freezer 12 Processor-kølerDecisively Improved
Based on the Freezer 7 Pro, the Freezer 12 has been improved airflow, cooling performance, noise level and transport-proofness. Whether you are an expert at installing electronics or this is your first time - the Freezer 12 is just a few minutes away from being installed.

Innovative Ventilation
Fluidic analysis and long testing hours allowed us to push the fan efficiency boundary further. This is leading to greater airflow and cooling at lower noise level, which not only mutilates the stock cooler performance but also leaves our Freezer 7 Pro far behind.

Virtually Silent
PWM control and efficient cooling allow a very low fan speed and thus a silent cooler without the worry of an overheating CPU. Rubber spacers between fan and heatsink eliminate any rattle or vibration sound.

Incorporating a functional, secure backplate to the installation allows this cooler to be one of the safest. Whether you need to move your PC around or leave it in one place, you can rest your mind knowing that the Freezer 12 will always be safely attached to your CPU.

Versatile Installation
Extremely versatile to fulfil your preference on the airflow pattern within the PC case, you can mount the Freezer 12 in any way you want to get the exact airflow you need.

Semi Passive Cooling
By semi passive performance the Freezer 33 provides again a special feature. A sophisticated fan controller that was developed by German engineers allows passive cooling of the CPU during simple applications such as surfing and creating documents. The F9 PWM fan only starts up at a PWM signal with 40 % pulse width. This saves energy, extends the service life and makes the cooler at low load completely silent.

Velegnet til Processor
Type Køler
Understøttede procesorsokler Stik AM4, LGA 1151 (stik H4), LGA 2011-v3 (Socket R)
Kompatible processorer Intel® Celeron®, Intel® Pentium®, AMD Ryzen
Blæser, diameter 9,2 cm
Omdrejningshastighed (maks.) 2000 rpm
Pulse-width modulation (PWM) support Ja
Antal blæsere 1 blæser(e)
Varmerør, diameter 6 mm
Antal varmerør 3
Termisk Design (TDP) 150 W
Blæser, forbindelse 4-polet
Farve på produkt Aluminium, Sort, Hvid
Materiale Aluminium
Spænding 12 V
Nominel netstrøm 0,16 A
Bredde 90 mm
Dybde 108 mm
Højde 130 mm
Vægt 480 g
Bredde (emballage) 97 mm
Dybde (emballage) 110 mm
Højde (emballage) 137 mm
Pakke vægt 615 g
Skruer inkluderet Ja

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