Pioneer BDR-XD05TB BD-RE-enhed
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Pioneer BDR-XD05TB BD-RE-enhed

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Pioneer BDR-XD05TB BD-RE-enhedThe BDR-XD05TB is one of the world’s smallest and lightest BD/DVD/CD portable burners supporting BDXL. The ultra-compact USB 3.0 drive can read and write to all BDXL discs1 including BD-R triple-layer 100GB media, BD-R quad-layer 128GB media, and BD-RE triple layer 100GB media, as well as conventional Blu-ray discs (single-layer 25GB media and dual-layer 50GB media). The portable device, measuring only 5.2″ (W) X 0.55″ (H) X 5.2″ (D) and weighing a mere 8.46 ounces, also has the ability to be powered directly via USB (no AC adaptor required).

The BDR-XD05TB is bundled with CyberLink PowerDVD™ 12, PowerDirector® 10 LE, and Power2Go® 8. PowerDVD 12 delivers award winning playback software and will even upscale standard-definition content to high-definition quality. PowerDirector 10 LE allows you to import your home movies, edit them, and then upload them to social media sites. Power2Go 8 gives you the ability to burn your valuable files to Blu-ray (including triple and quad layer BDXL discs), DVD or CD media. With BDXL support, you can now back up your files with fewer discs than ever before, and since the drive is portable and USB bus powered, all of this can be done virtually anywhere.

The BDR-XD05TB can write up to 6×2 on BD-R and BD-R dual-layer (DL) media. One BD-R DL disc can hold the same amount of data as 10 DVDs (single-layer). One QL disc can hold the same amount of data as 27 DVDs (single-layer). The drive is also backward compatible to read and write to most DVD and CD recordable media. Click on the “Specifications” tab to see all supported media formats and the read and write/burn speeds achievable for each format.

The BDR-XD05TB also has unique features such as PowerRead™, Auto Quiet mode, and PureRead2+. PowerRead can provide smoother movie playback when a disc has fingerprints or minor surface scratches. Auto Quiet mode intelligently adjusts the disc rotation speed to reduce noise (useful while watching movies or listening to music), and PureRead automatically adjusts the drive parameters to minimize sound glitches during music playback. Auto Quiet mode and PureRead can be configured as well as enabled and disabled with the Pioneer BDR-XD05TB Drive Utility.

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Disk - indlæsningstype Bakke
Formål Desktop/Notebook
Optisk drevtype Blu-Ray DVD Combo
Grænseflade USB 3.0
Disk-typer understøttet BD,CD,DVD
Drevenhed, bufferstørrelse 4 MB
Diameter på optisk disk 80,120 mm
CD-skrivehastighed 24x
DVD+R skrivehastighed 8x
CD-R skrivehastighed 24x
CD-RW skrivehastighed 24x
BD-R skrivehastighed 6x
BD-RE skrivehastighed 2x
BD-RE genskrivningshastighed 2x
DVD-R skrivehastighed 8x
DVD-R dobbeltlag skrivehastighed 6x
DVD+R dobbeltlag skrivehastighed 6x
DVD+RW skrivehastighed 8x
DVD-RW skrivehastighed 6x
DVD-RAM skrivehastighed 5x
CD-læsehastighed 24x
CD-R læsehastighed 24x
CD-RW læsehastighed 24x
CD-ROM læsehastighed 24x
BD-ROM læsehastighed 6x
BD-R læsehastighed 6x
BD-RE læsehastighed 4x
DVD+R læsehastighed 8x
DVD-R læsehastighed 8x
DVD-RW læsehastighed 8x
DVD+RW læsehastighed 8x
Bredde 133 mm
Dybde 133 mm
Højde 14,8 mm
Vægt 230 g
Trykt brugervejledning Ja
Kabler inkluderet USB
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